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NedRUN is the publisher of the book The Secret of Running.
This English edition will appear in 2014.

On October 13, 2013 the first edition is released (in Dutch): Het Geheim van Hardlopen. The second edition appeared already April 13, 2014: ISBN/EAN 978-90-821069-1-6, click here for the table of contents and chapter 1 (in Dutch).

Getting smartly fitter, healthier and faster!
The Secret of Running details step by step all factors that are relevant to long distance running. From 800 meters up to the marathon.
Training, nutrition, body weight, age, running style, wind, hills, temperature, running gear and much more. The impact of all factors is explained clearly and explicitly with practical examples. With the secret of running the reader can get 20% fitter, healthier and faster by smart training, just like the authors did! The reader can predict his own results and calculate his ‘real’ time, adjusted for environmental factors. The book is lavishly illustrated and is packed with useful information. The secret of running is the textbook par excellence for every recreational and professional athlete and their coaches.

The calculators which come with The Secret of Running can also be found on (in Dutch): www.HetGeheimvanHardlopen.nl

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The Netherlands publishers prefix of NedRUN is ISBN 978-90-8210-69.
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Hakze DTP did the desktop publishing for The Secret of Running

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